The Intriguing Psychology Behind Crypto Press Release

We’ve all seen the cryptocurrency press releases for seo marketing that are published and shared online, but what is their purpose? Why do they exist to begin with and why are they so popular? What function do they serve within the industry?

In this article we’ll answer all of these questions and more. We’ll explore how crypto press releases work, why they’re used to spam blogs and websites, what type of information is typically included in them, etc. We’ll also talk about how you can fight against this phenomenon by educating yourself on the topic or reporting any spam links you find on your website.

1. The Purpose of Crypto Press Releases – The “Fake News” Industry

The intention of cryptocurrency press releases is to spread a message about a certain crypto project to third-parties, in a bid to get their attention. Typically these posts are published on various websites and blogs, in the hopes that they’ll be read by those who may be interested.

These crypto press releases are also known as “crypto spam”, because they’re usually just junk content not worth reading. They can also sometimes be dangerous, as they can contain links to phishing scams or malicious software that can infect your computer.

2. What Companies Create These Press Releases?

Crypto press releases almost always originate from the project’s social media accounts. When new information about the project is posted, a link to it will usually be included in the company’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

This way, potential investors can find out about the latest news from the official channels. Still, at least half of all crypto press releases are created by other companies that don’t work with or have any connection to the project they’re promoting.

Some of those companies include crypto press release distributors such as Crypto Media Box and PRWeb, which offer their services within their sites at no cost. Since these press releases often only contain links to websites that use pay-to-play subscription models, they can also be considered “spam” services in some cases. Site detail is here.

3. What Information is Typically Included in Crypto Press Releases?

The vast majority of crypto press releases list the following information:

i) The name of the project and its team.

ii) The project’s mission and vision.

iii) Bios of each member of the team, along with a short description of their role.

iv) A link to the project’s official website or social media page, along with their official support email address.

v) The three major cryptocurrency exchanges where the coins can be bought or sold.

vi) Links to its whitepaper, ICO details, and other relevant documents such as a technical paper, legal document(s), company charts, etc.

vii) The name and email of a press contact.

viii) A link to the whitepaper that can be downloaded in full.

ix) Links to the project’s social media accounts, including a Telegram username and/or Twitter handle where you can contact the company representative.

x) A link to the project’s official blog.

This is a very small list of everything that could possibly be included in the press release, but there are many more details to this list as well. For example, there are some projects who include links to their whitepapers in their press releases, but they don’t include any supporting documents as well such as charts or graphs along with them.

On the other hand, there are some projects that include their social media handles and their Reddit accounts, but they don’t list their company’s email address. In this case you’ll have to contact them directly by email if you want to find out more about the project off page seo.

4. Why Are Crypto Press Releases Spammed Over Blogs and Websites?

There are two major reasons why crypto press releases are spammed over blogs and websites:

i) To spread FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt). FUD is a scenario where a company wants to hurt another company’s reputation and business in order to make them look bad in the community. The best way to do this is by spreading negative comments about the project that their supporters and followers can see.

ii) To receive backlinks to their project’s website, which can also be used for SEO purposes.

5. How Can I Get Rid of Crypto Press Release Spam?

If you’re being spammed by crypto press releases over your blog or website, you should consider contacting the webmaster and asking them to remove the posts manually.

You can also try reporting these links as spam with Google or other search engines if they’re linking to websites like Crypto Media Box or PRWeb for blockchain, who are infamous for posting useless content all over the internet.

You can also block any domains you don’t want to appear in your site’s RSS feed. To do this, simply go to the “links” section of your blog or website’s dashboard and then click on the “manage site and blog tags” link. Once there, click on the “click here” link next to “block a domain”. In this blank field you can type in any domain you don’t want your blog or website to receive traffic from, and hit enter.

Another option is to create a new category in Google Analytics called “crypto spam”. From there you can add filters to block all traffic from crypto press releases (even those that use more organic links).

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