Disability Insurance for Self Employed

Self-employed individuals are those who do not give their services directly in the private or public sectors. They are being self-employed means that they run their own business independently. That’s why self-employed individuals get more affected by the cases such as of disabilities. Self employed individuals are at a high risk of losing your income if you become disabled or unable to earn a living. From medical expenses to other daily requirements cost of living goes up because you want many assistance tools that can help you to perform basic daily activities. Disability insurance can literally drain your wealth and because of no income substitution you may also loose your savings to fulfill your financial requirements. This can be devastating to your financial, emotional, and psychological state and if you do not plan thoughtfully now then, you could most probably be in a problem in future.

Individuals who are self employed might be doing great in their respective fields and businesses but the basic problem is that they do not enjoy the social security benefits as the other monthly paid employees get.  There is no stability in their income as the graph keeps on moving up and down.

Benefits of self-employed disability insurance

  • Financial strength and reputation – this disability insurance will increase your financial stability as in case you do not have enough savings then it won’t drain your savings to incur your personal expenses as the company will forward the sum required by you in the most crucial time when you go through disability.
  • Customizable disability insurance plans – we understand from the perspective of self employed individuals that there are many ups and downs in your career too and the requirements keep on changing and financial factor do counts on top of that so, we have created the policy in such a way that it can be customized according to the changing nature of requirements and priorities time to time.
  • Best income substitute – self employed individuals do not have income coverage as the other employees get as a security from their employer. This insurance replaces most part of your income or depending upon the price you have invested to get coverage. With high investment premium would also be high or simply depending upon the requirements on how much percentage you want to replace your income.
  • Less waiting period – also known as elimination period the amount of time of after you is disabled until you can start receiving benefits is very low. After applying for insurance coverage all you need to do is produce medically authorized documents and within the least time possible your documents will get verified by the company and coverage will be forwarded to you.
  • Satisfactory services – satisfaction of our customers is the top most priority. Our services are all time available through online and offline modes and getting the quotes online have particularly become easy as well as effective. Our fast and transparent services are the major factor of trust between the customer and our company.
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